How to Profit from BREXIT

Before I start, let me clearly state this is “food for thought”, or something for you to consider, and not advice! Use your own judgment or take the advice of others. I’m just offering thoughts to consider in case you had not thought of them.

Buy stocks while the markets are nervous and low

So, Brexit or Britain’s vote to leave the European Union happened. Pending who you are and what is going on in your life, you could be affected in the smallest to the largest of ways. However, everyone can stand to profit from Brexit if they consider one thing.

Markets are going to be unstable, and losing ground, for a short period. Use your simple investment theory. Buy low, sell high. The stock markets are going to be low for a little while as everybody gets nervous. Confidently, you can wait till some leveling off, even if that would be at a level higher than initial losses. Then buy a general mixed package of investments like the banks have for mutual funds with some risk and watch it grow as things stabilize.

Other events may happen that may sink the markets further, of course. However, that’s likely independent from Brexit, or vaguely related, like another vote in another country down the road. Worry about those then, or ignore what you can’t predict. What you do know for sure is that while others are nervous, you can profit from their anxiety by confidently buying while stock values are clearly low. That’s definitely clear!

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