Finished March Madness 2016 in Top 1%

So Villanova won the Men’s March Madness Tournament in 2016 with a buzzer beater.

I had picked and was hoping for North Carolina. Getting the final result incorrect slipped me from the top 0.1 percent placing, to the top 1% placing out of about 12 million brackets in ESPN’s pool. However, it was still the best result I ever had.


President Obama’s Barackets came in the top 21%, with North Carolina saving his butt in the semi-finals to give him lots of points. He was sitting on the cusp of 50% in the previous round! It wasn’t even close this year, Mr President. 🙂

I finished 7-1 vs President Obama during his 8 years of predictions. I hope he’ll still continue once he’s out of office.

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