I’ve been meaning to learn how to do a few things for my garment construction development. One was to get a pattern and sew a hood. The other was to put grommets into garments for lacing on my own, as opposed to doing it with a vice like industrial strength tool. So what did I come up with for a project? A hoodie and bolero jacket combination for women.

This is basically a long, flared sleeve hoodie, except for a diagonal cut on the front above the breasts to highlight them, swinging around to a half length back. Three grommets on each side of a short front allow something like a shoe lace or parachute cord to be used to hold it together. A bit slower to take off, but sexier to have to loosen lace!

Of course, unless it were for some very specific occasion, this bolero hoodie would be worn with a top underneath. I just didn’t have one that fitted this generic mannequin well to make it look flattering, so I left it topless. The hoodie also doesn’t fit the mannequin well because it was made for a person who is bigger, with a significantly bigger bust as well. Talk about a fantasy, eh? 😉

Speaking of fantasy, here’s mine with it. Imagine a fully clothed burlesque dancer coming out of the dark, in dark lighting, with this on, hood up so you can’t see her face. She starts peeling off the boots, gloves, and main outer garments till in undergarments. Then she takes off the hood so you can see her even sexier eyes. Eye contact is so much sexier than a hot body. She proceeds to take off the rest of her clothes, except for this hoodie, and invites me to unlace it to finish the act! I pull it off straight back on her as she presses against me to let me be able to reach to the end of her arms, of course! 😉

As for practicality, this hoodie won’t do too much to keep anybody warmer than just whatever they wore underneath. However, if this fitted fairly snug on someone, I could see it sewn on to a T-shirt stretched when worn so that the two garments became one. Or one could just extend this downward in a different colour to make a full coat that highlights the breasts just by virtue of the bright colour underneath the cut standing out with contour of the breasts protruding towards the viewer.

It’s all hot either way! 😉

Disclaimer: This garment is only meant for the sexy people. would be people who feel sexy about themselves. 😉

Silver Rating

This was just a muslin as it was my first time doing this, so the fabric choice wasn’t completely ideal. I used what I had that I could spare and still liked a bit. I complicated things with a fabric that was light on the underside rather than dark like the outside, so I had to line it. I was very happy with how most things turned out. For the few minor things I’ll do better next time, and not great fabric, I’ll give this garment a silver rating.

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