Modern Tennis Racquets Painted Like Wood?

I play tennis and I had a thought this morning. Modern racquets are a nice glimpse of successes of material science. Everything from the strings to frame to grip. They’re also painted to look advanced and “cool” as well. But there’s plenty of it out there, and a lot border on ghastliness!

Why doesn’t someone make a modern racquet and paint it as if it were wooden?

Wooden it be cool to see what a modern racquet wood look like in wood? (all spelling errors puntentional)

That is, what if wood had been advanced materially to have the same properties as the composites of racquet frames so that you could make the modern frames out of wood?

I bet a lot of the older players, at least, and some of the younger ones I see who like playing around with wooden racquets, would go for one.

Maybe even do a grip looking like wood, and have wood pattern instead of black or white as a logo on the strings, for the whole theme!

Man, I wished I owned a tennis racquet making company! Or had an in with their designers!


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