Is Transracial Next for Diversity After Transgender?

Caitlyn Jenner gave transgender issues the spotlight it needed to start a societal level conversation we needed to have. It’s far from being as widely accepted as it needs to be, but what next, be that now, soon or some time yet still down the road? As far as I’m concerned, we can move now. There is another group not yet even identified, but only needs to be given a name. They are what I’ll call transracial or those deem themselves to be “born” of the wrong race.

Yeah, you just scoff at it like most people used to scoff at transgender. Make all your excuses why such a thing doesn’t exist. But I’ll tell you one thing, on a practical level, it’s far more common than transgender will ever be!

So who are these people I call transracial that are supposedly more common than transgender and supposedly exist? They tend to be first generation immigrants who have integrated so well they basically only look like they were of another race. If they were in a body that looked like they were of another race, like white instead of Asian, you would probably never know or thought they were of another race. Just ask a lot of Asian parents if that weren’t true of their first generation immigrant Asian children. That applies to people of other races, too, like Hispanics and Arabics, but I only mention Asians because as one, I know the phenomenon is widespread! Many of these people loathe their ethnic looks for the discrimination that comes with it, sometimes only after people discover something about them that gives away their ethnicity. That could be seeing them, or a picture of them, or finding out their ethnic minority last name, etc.

These transracials are the people for whom the phrase “you’re like a banana, yellow on the outside but white on the inside” was coined. And there are a lot of them! People migration has never been so much or easy as it is today. Many have had, or will have, kids who will integrate so well into their new society that they will be like their fellow majority citizens in an overwhelming number of ways, except for their looks, maybe names and/or some other physical features.

What if they now wanted to make that look consistent with the way they are by having plastic surgery like Bruce Jenner did to become Caitlyn, except these people will want to look like they were white, black, Asian or some other race? Plastic surgery to do all this has also never been easier. It might even be easier than transforming Bruce to Caitlyn!

Really, what’s standing in the way of people wanting to alter their looks to be of a different race and wanting to be identified as a demographic? Not as much as the battle transgender had to fight, or will have to fight!

On top of all these transracial, there are even people who just want to look like they were of another race, even if they don’t have much else to justify why. Just look into the skin lightening cream industry in India. A lot of the users are pretty much Indian if you look at their lifestyles. They just want to look whiter. I’d bet you they’re only stopping at creams because that’s all they can afford. A lot of times, they’re only stopping at the lightest shade they think they can get away with that doesn’t make them look like they’re using the cream (or abusing it in some cases), or spawn gossip of illegitimacy of birth Father cause neither Parents would have been light enough to spawn such a light skinned child. They’d probably get the full body plastic surgery makeover if they could! I’m sure it’s not just a problem with Indians, but I’ve only heard of drastic situations and big industry numbers from India.

Finally, there are people like Rachel Dolezal who want to convert from majority to ethnic minority race. She’s the white woman who changed her looks, life history and lifestyle to be black and became head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in Spokane, Washington. These majority to minority converts are not a tiny group, either. I’m sure there are a lot of white people who will tell you they’re more black than white, especially whites who have circles of friends predominantly black and live like those black friends. The same goes for other races, too. I only chose the example I did from familiarity with the specific situation.

So yes, let’s have these transracial people stand up, self-identify, choose a name they’d support for themselves… and start recognizing and accepting them!

One thought on “Is Transracial Next for Diversity After Transgender?

  1. Trans racial people are here and there will be more of them. The basic pattern in human evolution is that when a new population reaches 10% of a society, tipping point is reached. Trans racial people will revolutionize social interaction and human awareness.

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