Hacking Masterlock Combo in 8 Tries Video Will Cause Some Chaos!

I just saw a story starting to trend at this time of writing that is going to cause some chaos in many people’s lives. Hacker Samy Kamkar claims to have found a way to find the combination for any Masterlock lock in 8 tries or fewer, as seen in the video below, and it seems legit and doable for many people from review articles already popping up!

You’ll need to visit his website at http://samy.pl/master/ to get an app required.

It looks fairly easy to do, and it just takes a handful of minutes of your time! It seems really cool, until you think about the consequences of this and how frightening that might be the way trending

How many Masterlocks do you think are out there which are now all suddenly susceptible to unlocked by potential thieves if they only had a few minutes out of general view?

Or even in public view if the public thought they were accessing their own locks?

I mean, how would you tell? They’d just look like anyone else trying to open their own Masterlock! Thieves are suddenly going to be all over this now!

Oh, boy! It’s like suddenly rendering millions of locks pretty much ineffective!

That’s going to cause just a little chaos and worry for a lot of people!

So if you’ve got a Masterlock on anything, I highly suggest you invest in a different sort of lock… and soon… and tell anyone else you know to do the same!

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