No Kraft Products for This Guy Till Patriots are No Longer Super Bowl Champs

You know how people boycott corporations cause they don’t approve of what that corporation does? Well, I don’t approve of the Patriots’ cheating. They didn’t win big after Spygate until now, but not at the cost of another scandal with Deflategate.

Since the Patriots are owned by Robert Kraft of Kraft products, I’ll be boycotting Kraft products the Pats are dethroned as Super Bowl champs. It won’t be meaningful to anyone except me, cause it’s not like I had bought enough Kraft products before to make the smallest of dents in their bottom line. But like a lot of these things, it’s a personal crusade, and only one which would be meaningful if a lot of people joined in.

I’m not expecting enough people to hate the Patriots enough to do this, though. But to be clear, it’s not the Patriots I hate. It’s Bellicheat and Brady who are in on these scandals… and don’t try to convince me otherwise, either. I’ve heard enough to be able to decide rationally.

Interestingly enough, while I cared the least for this Super Bowl than any previously since becoming interested in the NFL for several decades now, this Super Bowl outcome will have a bigger impact on my life than any other. 🙂

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