Various Pillowcases and Why Pillowcases are GREAT Gifts to Sew for Kids

Sew you want to sew something for kids this Christmas. But what can you sew? Technically, anything you want or can. However, some things are better sewn and/or better value for your time than others. I’m going to make a “case” why pillowcases are one of those better, if not best, gifts.

  • No need to worry about fit. Kids, like people, come in all shapes and sizes, and patterns don’t fit them any better than adults. Pillows come in standard sizes!
  • Lasts longer. Kids CAN’T grow out of pillowcases like they can clothes. They can only wear them down or get new ones. However, pillowcases are probably not high on their purchasing priorities whereas new clothes are.
  • Fast and easy to sew. Straight seams only… and not that many of them!
  • More prints to work with. Pillowcases are for casual use so you can use a lot more patterns than clothing might allow you to since the kids won’t wear all the patterns you can stick on a pillowcase.
  • More area to work with. Pillowcases have a large surface areas that’s like a frame in which you can put some pretty big prints. You can’t fit most of them on a small kids’ garment. See some examples I have below.
  • More options for materials. In addition to regular fabric, you can use pre-made garments that can act like fabric pieces, from panels to beach towels to soft curtains. The examples given are great for finding big prints you can’t find on fabrics sold in rolls.
  • Not expensive with limited fabric needed. One yard at regular 45″ width will get you two square pillowcases. You’d need a bit more, or 1 metre where fabric is sold in metric, for a standard pillowcase.

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