Think Thrice Quote

If you need to think twice, think thrice

Think thrice quote minh tan halifaxMinh Tan

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Needing to think twice suggests you have the time to do so, not in split moment decisions where you don’t have the time. Thinking doesn’t usually take a long time, which is why a third review of things is good, in my opinion. If it’s important enough, it is definitely worth the review.

Now, thinking over some really tough decisions will take a long time. In fact, for some decisions, there will never be enough time to think about it. Those are the ones you think about over and over many times. I’m not talking about those, either. But if it were complicated enough, even if short on time to think thrice, you might want to do so, no matter how brief the third time is.

Thinking things over twice is just rare in my life in terms of frequency. I tend to go once, sometimes none for reflex reactions, or thrice or more. Twice either isn’t feasible, or isn’t enough, in my opinion.


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