Prove Right Quote

It is easier to prove everybody right,
than to prove everybody wrong

Prove right quote minh tan halifaxMinh Tan

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Proving the world wrong can be a powerful emotion and motivator. However, it can be distracting, and lonely without people believing in you. You’d also have to work harder because nobody is going to give anything to you. Sometimes, you’ll have to even push them out of the way, as if your goals weren’t hard enough to achieve.

Having people believe in you and proving them right has its own pressure. Ask a lot of star athletes, actors and actresses, top candidates for just about anything. However, with people helping you, it’ll make things easier than if no one were helping you, or even opposing you. Ask a lot of those same people who benefited from extra attention and such given to them along the way because people believed they had a special talent and/or person on their hand to be associated with and contribute to their success. The gaps between the successful and those not as successful would be a lot less if people shared their belief and assistance in others around, rather than focus on a minority. Many of those in the most successful minority would never be where they are if so many never believed in them so much along the way.

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