Ability Imagination Quote

When someone doubts your ability to succeed,
ask them to expand their imagination

ability imagination quote minh tan halifaxMinh Tan

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I must be getting old to be softening up in reaction against people who doubts my ability to succeed at anything. I used to get angry and go to prove them wrong with a vengeance. Now, I substitute the angry bit with a small insult to ask them to get a bigger imagination. But at least I’m not old enough to be soft and ask them to have a little faith. Faith, you see, is lacking in logic and substance. If it were logical or believable to any extent from some proof (ie. rationale to support the belief), it wouldn’t be called faith. I don’t want their foolishness to believe I can do it. I want them to be able to imagine how I could succeed. They can save their faith for Jesus, Allah, the Buddha, devil or whoever they want.

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