Women Led World Quote

A world led by women would be a more compassionate one

women world quote minh tan halifaxMinh Tan

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For International Women’s Day, I offer this belief that I am sure will prove itself with time as more women leaders are elected, reach the top of the highest corporate ladder, or come into greater leadership roles than they’ve generally had before. That is not to say I think every woman leader is going to be more compassionate than most of their male counterparts or predecessors. Certainly, the prominent ones I think of don’t invoke that image, like Queen Elizabeth I (when being a Queen of England really meant something) and Margaret Thatcher. But all that proves to me is that they can make tough and aggressive decisions every bit as well as men could. Both of those women also had their compassionate sides, though.

Angela Merkel is someone I would cite as a shining example for today, and Hillary Clinton for today and tomorrow. Political figures are always going to be controversial to suggest for those who love and hate them, but let’s just wait a couple of decades and see if I am right. 🙂

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