Prove Something Quote

Always have something to prove,
whether to yourself or to others

prove something quote minh tanMinh Tan

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That desire to prove something is a powerful motivator, especially if you’ve seen someone consumed by it to the point of making their lives dysfunctional. Those people need to prove something, which is different from what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about wanting to prove something, which comes without a burden or obligation. Wanting to prove something to someone or to yourself without feeling the pressure to, by your own choice, is a lot funner and easier, than when you feel like you have to for whatever reasons. It could be your main motivator in your task, or just an extra reason, like icing on the cake, for doing whatever it is you are driven to do.

And definitely don’t forget that option to just prove things to yourself. Sometimes, only you need to know something, whether it’s something embarrassing you don’t need to share with others, or a little doubt you don’t care to share with others, or maybe something nobody else you know might care about.

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