Perception Change Quote

Perception can be, both,
the easiest and the hardest,
thing to change

perception change quote minh tanMinh Tan

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We generally find it very hard to change about our perception of some things. Think of all the isms in life, like racism and sexism. Then there are the phobia, like homophobia. Or just come very common things like what you think of as beauty, fear of the number 13, etc.

For other things, though, our general perceptions can be easily changed. They tend to be smaller things or issues than those I first brought up, but this quote could apply to some of those perceptions as well. I’ve seen people make some remarkable changes in their perception of things, show it through their actions and reaped the results. Those transformations keep my hope alive for the human race to better ourselves with time. But depending on the person and the topic for which the person already has an opinion, changing that person’s perception of it could be the easiest, or hardest, thing to do in life!


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