A Good Fit and My Fashion Philosophy

This post elaborates on the seventh of ten elements of my fashion philosophy, which is if I were caught on security camera, there’d be no trouble describing me.

This should be easy to imagine as to how it would fit into my fashion philosophy because it should be rather unnoticeable. I mean, when have you ever heard someone describe a suspect as wearing really well fitted clothes?

This is important to me because I could buy all kinds of clothes that don’t fit well. I could even get things tailored and they still don’t fit well. That’s because it’s not all about taking down. You can’t take down an arm hole, for example, as that would require additional fabric and all kinds of ugly sewing for the sake of filling a hole. As a result, I always have excess fabric in the armpit, even though not a lot of people may notice it because a lot of other men are walking around with similar problems.

A worse but equally unnoticeable fit challenge on most men’s shirts is that wrinkle in the upper chest near the shoulder tips. Nobody cares about it, but it’s all over the place. Just look out for it on men you see wearing dress shirts. That wrinkle action is unnoticeable because there’s nothing to be seen in these shirts. Plaid, stripes, plain, etc. It’s no big deal. We see it all the time and nobody cares as it’s acceptable he has a dress shirt on that covers him.

Now, what if he were wearing a shirt with a yoke where there is something on the yoke? It’s a nice design that draws attention. However, you’d be drawing attention to that wrinkle to ruin your yoke as much as you might attract attention to your yoke. In such a case, you’d be better off without a yoke and one of those boring shirts… and I don’t plan to be having any of those!

Good fit also means whatever the fit should be, not just body contour hugging. For some things, you might want things loose, though I’m not talking about baggy jeans. Rather, I’m talking about things like pajamas where a little looseness is nice to sleep in, but not too much. Even pajamas can be nicely fitted, though.

Bottom line is that I can buy badly fitted clothes, even get not the greatest fitted tailored clothes. Why would I make them if I could buy them? And I’m not going to look bad in nicely designed clothes because it doesn’t fit well.

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