Wish Your Facebook Friend a Happy Birthday with a Song to Make It More Meaningful

On Facebook, you can opt to have your birthday show up as a notification on your Facebook friends’ Home Page on the day it is your birthday. Most people then just usually write something short, and frankly, a little meaningless from how generic it often is.

The person whose birthday it is, then, gets like a ton of notifications of these greetings. They may or may not go through them all, as most are the same old plain “Happy birthday!” variation. But what do you expect of mostly shallow “friendships” that come with most of most people’s Facebook “friends”?

However, some people go through all the comments so they don’t miss something they may want to respond to, or should acknowledge to avoid embarrassment of not having read it when someone took the time to write it… and asks about it later.

What I’m proposing is that if you want to be a little more genuine, and break the person’s routine scroll through all the relatively meaningless wishes a bit, add a little song link, like from YouTube. A lot of songs can be found there.

  • Pick a song and/or performance you think or know they’d like.
  • Search for it on YouTube.
  • When you get the right video, copy the link.
  • Go to their Facebook Wall and write something.
  • Hit SHIFT+ENTER so you have a “soft return” that will NOT post your comment.
  • Then paste the link.
  • Now hit ENTER to post the comment.

It’ll probably bring a smile to the person’s face when s/he sees it because it’ll likely be a song with meaning you both know, a song they like, or something new you want them to discover.

Now, what if “everybody” did this? Who would have time to listen to it all?

Well, I can guarantee you most people are not likely going to do it. Most people’s Facebook “friends” probably don’t care enough about them to find a song. You probably don’t care enough about most of your Facebook friends to take the time to think about it, and find a song, either.

So it will end up being a little something special for the people a little something special in your life… and aren’t they at least worth that?

And if you wanted to stand out, you’re going to have to go the extra distance, right?

Here’s a cute birthday related vid I shared with someone today. It’s not a birthday song, but it’s got a birthday event in it with Ernie and Cookie Monster, from the 1969 season of Sesame Street. Such a cute song, too!

Oh, and the 80+ years old birthday girl LOVED IT!

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