I’d like to thank the Christians for their holidays so I can enjoy them without being a believer

Merry Christmas, everyone!

That title is not meant to be a facetious comment. It’s true and genuine.

I am fortunate to live in Canada where I am free and encouraged to celebrate holidays of my ethnic origin and religion, like Asian New Year and Buddhamas. I can take vacation time off to enjoy them, too, if I so wish. However, my work calendar holidays are partly shaped by Christian holidays like Christmas, New Year’s that is based off of Christmas and Easter, and I don’t have to work on them just because I don’t celebrate them. That’s quite a nice feeling, to able to do what the majority does when you are not part of the majority. In a subtle way, it is a feeling of acceptance.

That said, I also appreciate all the people who have to work in and around such massive holidays as Christmas when so many people are off at the same time. I know the feeling. I’ve done it before. We all know the world can’t function if nobody were working, so somebody has to work during these massive holidays, and their efforts must be appreciated so I hope you’ll be kind and appreciative towards them whenever you encounter them. Say a word of thanks, tip them well, and definitely wish them well (and that they won’t have to work on the holidays next year).

Have an ebuliant Christmas!

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