Boston Bruins Get Justice in Game 7 Stanley Cup Finals Win of Karmic Proportions

Talk about justice, or karma! The Boston Bruins won Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals against the Vancouver Canucks in all the ways the Canucks had beaten them in Vancouver in three previous games. You can get the stats and game highlights elsewhere. I’ve got the karmic analysis here… just the way Vancouverites like to think about the universe. 😉

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Do the Vancouver Canucks Deserve to Win the Stanley Cup?

I’m a Canadian and I want a Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup since we’re overdue. However, the way the Canucks are playing, I’m almost feeling they don’t deserve it. Not the way Canadians play hockey!

Seriously, after six games and the series tied at three games apiece, Vancouver has led for less than 33 minutes.

Vancouver has been outscored more than 2 to 1! As the league’s top offensive team with 262 goals during the regular season, the Canucks have all of 8 goals scored to show for it. Boston, meanwhile, has scored 19 goals against the league’s top defensive team that only allowed 185 goals all season.

Vancouver has also “out dived” Boston. Vancouver has faked falls, and in Game 6, they faked scoring a goal. Despite a loud “ping” off the post, and no goal light going off, Jannik Hansen acted like the Canucks just scored and stopped the game.

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The Vancouver Canucks’ 2011 Stanley Cup Winning Omen

Do you believe in signs? Signs in omens?

I certainly do, and I saw one today that has me convinced the Vancouver Canucks will win the Stanley Cup in 2011.

Look at the logos of the two teams the way they will be shown during the finals, with the home advantage team customarily on the right. What do you see?

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6×4 Printable Cards of the Vancouver Canucks Logo

Canucklehead fans, here’s an economical way to show some support for your team!

The pictures below are formatted to print crisply as your typical 6″ x 4″ pictures that you can do at your local photo machine, or on your printer if you have a nice one. They contain various versions of the Vancouver Canucks team logo, including the current retro hockey stick version that I’ve had an allergic reaction to ever since I first saw it.

For about 25 cents per picture, at most, you can print enough of these to stick on your binder, book bag, car window, etc. Of course, you can also put them on mugs and such, though please don’t sell them. This is fan art being shared for supporting a team. I’m not making any money from it and I’m sure the Canucks organization wouldn’t want anybody to be doing so, either.

For even bigger graphics for your other uses, you can check out the largest wallpapers among my Vancouver Canucks wallpapers collection.

If you do get those wallpapers, you can get matching sets for your iPhone, Blackberry, Palm and HTC here. I already have iPad wallpapers with the Canucks logo on this site.

To get any of these cards:

  • Click on the picture below to get it at full size.
  • Right click on that picture and save to your computer.
  • Click the Back button on your browser to return to the gallery.
  • Take the file to a photo machine and print them or print them on other things.

I hope you like them!