Guitar and Ukulele Tabs for Emotionally Yours, by Bob Dylan (O’Jays Gospel Version)

The O’Jays have the best version of Bob Dylan’s Emotionally Yours that I have ever heard.

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Guitar and Ukulele Tabs for Octopus’ Garden (Ringo Starr of the Beatles)

The printable PDF tabs below are for Octopus’ Garden, by Ringo Starr of the Beatles. However, they work for two ways of performing the song. The first is the original you know.

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Guitar and Ukulele Tabs for Blowin’ in the Wind, in 3 Keys (Bob Dylan)

Bob Dylan

Blowin’ in the Wind is a Bob Dylan classic that is not only simple in its chording, but can also be played in 3 different keys without needing any difficult chords or capo. That means no bar chords, or even chords requiring 4 fingers! You can play and sing it in the keys of A, D or G, depending on where you vocal range lies.

Or you can do it in all three keys as I have arranged and shown in the video below! You play and sing each verse in a progressively higher key as the urgency grows in the lyrics. Notes are included in the printable guitar and ukulele tab PDFs below the video.

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