A Trial Run of New Year Resolutions

Most people don’t give a lot of thought to their New Year’s resolutions. That’s why only 8% of resolutions last for the year, succeeding or not. Some give a decent amount of thought, but I doubt very many give it a trial run before committing. You can put reality checks into your plan to succeed at resolutions, as I do, and as I will share soon in a workbook, but there’s no reality check like reality of actually trying it out as humans are notoriously bad at our ability to predict the future, even when it’s our own. Doing trial runs with my resolutions is exactly what I’m doing this December with a handful of resolutions I am planning on committing to come January 1st, including this creative writing thing, and I want to share its value.

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What Will Happen to Hosni Mubarak Now?

Hosni Mubarak has resigned as dictator of Egypt. In the immediate moment after his resignation, nobody in Egypt is probably caring much for what happens to Hosni, but soon, they will, or will have to.

Are they going to let him get away with the $40-70 Billion dollars he made on them?

Are they going to let him get away with all the war crimes and crimes against humanity he committed?

Are they going to let him run off to some place where a few tens of billions of dollars to your name can buy you a few friends and a luxurious retirement?

Somehow, I doubt it. So what will the people do?

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