Got a COVID Test for the “Experience”, Now Want Another Nova Scotia, Canada, where I live, COVID testing is free. Further, because we have so few cases compared to the rest of the world, we have been able to encourage asymptomatic testing. That’s testing for people without symptoms who may or may not have COVID, to see if any spread is potentially being done by people without symptoms. We also have “pop-up” testing labs that move around to make it easy for people to get tested. When I finally learned about the location of near me on the day it was there, with enough advanced warning to go get tested, I went for the “experience”… and now, I want another. 🙂

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Genotyping Told Me I Have a Great Tolerance for Alcohol, But I Don’t Drink

I remember it like it was last night. I was in grade 8. An Asian youth in Canada with over protective Parents who had me home at dark or rather sooner. In junior high, I wanted to hang out with my Canadian classmates outside of school, and especially go to some of these parties I always hear them talk about. Well, one night that fall, I finally got permission.

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I’m 2.8% Neanderthal Genetically According to 23andMe Genotyping

percent neanderthal tshirtTo best understand this post, you might need a little anthropology background on human prehistory (before written history) if you don’t already know it well. The award winning set of videos below are about as good, simple and complete a picture on human evolution as I’ve ever seen. If you have the time, I would highly recommend you watch them because I think this knowledge of our past is interesting and beneficial to help us all better understand how we came to be who we are today. I’ll refrain from taking shots at Creationists who are being phased out by evolution as people get more aware and intelligent. 😉

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My Genotyping Adventure with 23andMe

Last week, I began a new adventure in life by sending in a saliva sample for DNA genotyping with a project and company called 23 and Me at In layman’s term, genotyping is like a high level, or crude, DNA testing on focused on certain critical parts that make up a tiny part of the entire human DNA. From 23 and Me, I will get some health and ancestry information, from likelihood of disease contraction to drug and food reactions to family and race heritage. There will also be lots of other interesting facts like whether you’re genetically predisposed to liking cilantro. 🙂 Continue reading