Obama Shows Presidential Qualities in His 2011 March Madness Brackets

President Barack Obama

Please click here to see how President Obama’s Brackets did after Round 1.

For the third year in a row, President Barack Obama has released his NCAA Basketball March Madness brackets. This year’s men’s edition sees a lot of key presidential qualities, which I will point out shortly. I will also be reporting by round on the progress of America’s most famous brackets, for the men’s tournament, like I did in previous years (2010, 2009). I will report in terms of the President’s Barackets performance against all those who entered in various large pools like those from CBS and ESPN. So please come back here and join me in checking da Prez’s Barackets progress after each round.

Below is President Obama’s Barackets for 2011, with a video of his reasoning for his picks. Have a look for yourself, then see why I see a lot of presidential qualities in his picks.

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