Cooking and Baking with Cricket Powder from Loblaw’s

Loblaw’s in Canada recently introduced cricket powder to the food it carries. The website description is this (also see President’s Choice website).

Made with crickets farmed right here in Canada, this 100% cricket powder is a nutritious, versatile food that is high in protein and an excellent source of vitamin B12. Finely ground with a mild taste, it can be added to smoothies, sauces, chili, curries and baking batters.


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has a fair article on the product.

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Steam Rice with Okra Instead of Just Rice

It’s gives it a nice additional texture when you eat it. Not really any new taste but that means you can sub it in with your favourite steamed rice recipe and it’ll just feel different when eating it. I’d suggest not using more than 3 okra per cup of water so the water composition doesn’t change too much and things can cook properly. I did this in a rice steamer, not pot, which would be a different story.


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Grape Tomatoes and Blueberry Omelette

And why the heck not? It was delicious! Not to mention healthy!

Add green onions and mint or a touch of other spices for some aroma and zing.

Eat with steamed rice or bread.

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Quinoa Jell-O, Great for Post Run or Exercise Protein!

Getting some protein within 15 minutes of finishing your exercising or running is a fast start to recovering for your next session if you exercise or run regularly (not a week later). It helps you feel better to be able to go harder, or feel easier, on the next session. It’s good nutrition, too. However, downing dry and hot toasts with honey, a cold meat sandwich, pasta and meat sauce, and so on, so soon after my workout and shower isn’t my idea of a pleasant experience, I usually want to drink, drink and drink cold fluids.

Well, applying my life philosophy #3 – AND not OR – I have now found my post exercise source of cold protein and fluids.

My answer is Quinoa Jell-O!

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Quinoa on Jam Toasts, Anyone?

When I was first introduced to quinoa (KIN-wa), I thought of it as a staple like pasta, rice and bread, which I would have to eat less of the others to integrate the quinoa. That was OK, except I’d be limited on quinoa recipes and would often have to eat something else because quinoa is not that filling to me. I’d also be losing out on my carbs I need a lot of for my marathon training. Finally, because I wouldn’t eat quinoa every day, with it as my main source of complete protein and significant source of iron, it’d be a bit like getting protein spikes in my diet every couple of days.

Just a month later, I am finding quinoa to be among the most versatile food I eat so I can get a more constant supply of it and the very complete protein profile it carries. I do use the quinoa as a staple for dishes like quinoa salads, but I am more frequently using it with the staples to leave me fuller, get my protein most days and have my carbs for marathon training. I shared my pasta with quinoa instead of ground meat recipe the other day. Today comes quinoa with jam toasts.

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