My Choice for Best Predictions for Chinese Year of the Rooster

Happy Chinese New Year! It is the Year of the Rooster this year, also sometimes called Year of the Phoenix or Chicken. Phoenix is an appropriate name as this cycle is the year of the Fire Rooster, if you add an element to the animal cycle. Among all the predictions pages out there, this one is the one most to my liking, and I think best for details, from the Astrology Club. Enjoy!

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Harry Potter Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Photos (High Quality)

This is a yet to be finished collection of Facebook Cover Photos for its Timeline Profile layout. There will be over 200 cover photos by the time I’m done, which I hope will be about March 5th. Please come back for more once in a while. After all, you can only use one at a time on your Facebook profile. 🙂

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145 X-men Movies Wallpapers for the iPhone, iTouch, iPod Touch, Palm Pre and Blackberry Bold 9000 (480 x 320 pixels)

These X-men wallpapers are meant for all models of the iPhone, iTouch, iPod Touch, Palm Pre and just the Blackberry Bold 9000, screen set in a horizontal position.

The wallpaper size is 480 x 320 pixels, or similar in ratio to a 6″ x 4″ photo. Apple and Palm went the size ratio of typical photos that people take, whereas Blackberry went with monitor ratios for length and width, for the most part, interestingly enough.

My contribution to these wallpapers was the choice of cropping to get a nice picture, resizing to properly fit the iPhone, iTouch, iPod Touch, Palm Pre and Blackberry Bold screen, with some touch up to remove certain background, adjust punch of colour, etc. The small size of these wallpapers allowed for some beautiful close-up cropping of the monitor wallpapers I only wish I had resolution for to make printable pictures from to share! There are going to be some seriously stunning iPhones, iTouch, iPod Touch, Palm Pres and Blackberries out there with some of these and other wallpapers I plan to be making for them!


To get the wallpapers, please:

  • Click on an image to see it full size.
  • Right click and choose Download or download in whatever ways your browser does.
  • Click Back to go back to this page or click a thumbnail below the large picture to move on to the next one.

You’re on your own to put it on your iPhone, iTouch, iPod Touch, Palm Pre or Blackberry, I’m afraid, cause I can’t justify the need for me to spend money on one so I haven’t got a clue how to do it!

Please click here for other theme wallpapers for iPhones, iTouch, iPod Touch, Palm Pre and Blackberry Bold 9000s.

While you’re decorating your iPhone or other cell phones, redo your voice mail with a singing message if you don’t have to worry about getting professionals calling you.

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