Neither Part of Solution nor Problem So Don’t Label Me’s been this slogan I’ve been hearing for a few years now about how if someone weren’t part of the solution, then they were part of the problem. Regarding that claim, let me put it politely. No. I don’t know where these people get their binary logic, on something that doesn’t even have to even be a continuum but isn’t even binary. I don’t know if they realize the dramatic irony of their intrusive labeling considering all these causes they’re applying it to are to take down the unfair binary labels humans have created for ourselves. I don’t know if they realize the ridiculous irony of them labeling others the way they’re fighting not to be labeled themselves, but frankly, no… I’m not part of the problem just because I’m not part of the solution, and I will not stop at shoving that unjust and illogical accusation back into the face of anybody who will try to unfairly put that binary label on me!

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