My 41 Life Philosophies (So Far)

I have many life philosophies by which I live. By life philosophies, I mean principles and attitudes I really live by, not just nod when I hear them in the form of a good quote or speech. I have never kept record of these life philosophies, but I thought I’d take some time to write some down now to see if I had one for every year I’ve lived. Why one per year lived? Because I’ve long thought that if I could learn something valuable enough from life each year to turn it into a life philosophy, a life outlook and behavioral change for the rest of my life, it’d have been a good year for wisdom.

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Free 12 Month Advanced Finances Tracking and Analysis Spreadsheet

If you’ve ever aspired to try to track your finances to monitor and/or analyze your finances, this Excel spreadsheet may be the easiest and most self-motivating way you’ve yet seen! I haven’t seen any bank’s free or paid online financial tracking system give you this much information about your immediate financial status, nor as quickly. With that constant immediate feedback as you enter each new piece of data, don’t be surprised if you find yourself constantly setting your own financial targets to hit, either!

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What Will Happen to Hosni Mubarak Now?

Hosni Mubarak has resigned as dictator of Egypt. In the immediate moment after his resignation, nobody in Egypt is probably caring much for what happens to Hosni, but soon, they will, or will have to.

Are they going to let him get away with the $40-70 Billion dollars he made on them?

Are they going to let him get away with all the war crimes and crimes against humanity he committed?

Are they going to let him run off to some place where a few tens of billions of dollars to your name can buy you a few friends and a luxurious retirement?

Somehow, I doubt it. So what will the people do?

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