Endo-Cannibalism, Casu Marzu, and Expressing Disgust

For more writings on this blogI listen to a lot of podcasts. In 2020, I listened to at least a half an hour of podcasts on 7 of every 8 days. I didn’t track how much time, though, because I didn’t think I’d be listening to that much podcast time, like maybe 100 hours? I regretted not keeping those stats to know in 2020, but I’m not too concerned as I know I will be listening to a lot more in 2021 as I find more podcasts I enjoy, and listen more efficiently in life while doing many other things than I did in 2020. Already, in 2021, I am averaging 100 minutes per day (1h 40 min), which, if kept up, will mean I will hit 100 hours by the end of February, ahead of my goal of 500 hours for the year that I have yet to blog about as part of my posts on my resolutions.

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