Will Eviction of Occupy Halifax Protesters Be a Brilliant or Disastrous PR Move?

On October 25th, Mayor Peter Kelly of Halifax gave eviction notice to the Occupy Halifax protesters by November 6th so the Grand Parade public space they occupy could be prepared for use to mark Dignity Day Ceremony by the Atlantic Jewish Council on November 9 and a Remembrance Day event on November 11. For those not familiar with Halifax, Grand Parade is the pre-eminent place for many official public ceremonies in Halifax, not just some park somewhere like Occupy Protests in other cities are located. Well, I hope all the public relations professionals and students in the province, and beyond, are watching, because this is real life public relations strategy they could seriously learn from for their careers.

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Video of Willie Nelson (Responsibly?) Covering ColdPlay’s The Scientist for Chipotle

Willie Nelson just covered Coldplay‘s The Scientist song for the Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant chain that supposedly “buys more naturally raised meat than any other restaurant company in the country” (Fast Company).

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290 X-men Movies Wallpapers (1024×768 pixels)

These wallpapers are from the X-men movies before X-men First Class, for which there aren’t a lot of graphics to work with yet. I’ll post those separately when there are more. Most of these wallpapers are also available in other sizes and purposes, if this isn’t the size you want your X-men wallpapers in or wish to get them for your other phones, monitors and for printing.

Of all the wallpaper sets I’ve created on this site, I have to say this has been my favourite. I love the X-men comics, and I thought the casting and costumes created for the movies’ characters were fabulous! The movies were spectacular, too, and I only wished they put one out each summer. Goodness knows they’ve got enough story lines to create that many for a long time… and it’s not like they don’t make a ton of money, either!

If you’re using Windows XP, you can learn how to create your own customized Windows XP screen saver with instructions via this link.

I also have instructions for how to use Windows 7′s nice rotating background feature to rotate many of these wallpapers on your computer if you didn’t know how to enable it.