Great Odds of Canadian Internet Breaking Tonight?

Welcome to election night in Canada! For a decade, Canada and the world has been putting up with the sad collective lack of intelligence of Canadians to have voted in Stephen Harper. It is Stephen with a ph, right? That’s how little I care about him. And I apologize on behalf of my fellow Canadians with the stupid vote all these years.

There is no doubt we want Harper out. It’s just a matter of having enough people vote for one party to put him out rather than leave him with the biggest minority.

No matter what happens, the Canadian Internet has a good chance of breaking tonight either with the euphoria of having Harper kicked out, or fury of having Harper staying where he is, no matter under what electoral conditions.

So my question is does the Canadian Internet have a better chance of breaking tonight if Harper gets kicked out, or back in?

It’s Time Internet Trolls Get Exposed to Be Accountable

Pretty much every story these days have really inappropriate comments. Some are meant to do nothing more than to incite and get the poster some reaction which they thrive on. Others are just plain bad attitudes of the users. Most are made because the user knows they can get away with it behind a curtain anonymity of their online ID, and many will continue to be made as long as this remains allowed.

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