The GRID Dress Shirt

I’ve been on a new quest to draft and make a proper fitting dress shirt for myself. I’ve also been sewing less as resolved for 2014, with some time off allowed for myself at the end of 2013 and early 2014 to set up some other resolutions. That’s why I haven’t finished any new garments until now.

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Sidney Crosby Olympics OT Golden Goal Video from Five Broadcasts

There were so many great moments during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Yet, there was hardly any footage to be found on YouTube. YouTube had pretty much succumbed to Olympics pressure and I, for one, blogging a lot about those moments, was very disappointed not to be able to show clips with my blog posts.

A bit ironic, don’t you think? An organization that has a generation named after it deliberately blocking out some defining moments lived by that generation! We had a defining cultural moment here in Canada with Sidney Crosby’s Golden Goal, and YouTube wouldn’t let it be put online. Canada could have crushed Susan Boyle’s Britain Got Talent audition video in days if YouTube only had that Sidney Crosby golden goal video online… the way our players crushed American hearts. Call it a 100 million hits lost opportunity as I’m sure we Canadians would have watched it 4 times over within a week, easily, to get that total.

However, the screws are loosening. See the video below added much later than this post date. It is a compilation from five broadcasts for five times the glory! Nice stuff!

I love it!

Do You Think Canada’s 3-2 Overtime Win for Men’s Hockey Olympic Gold on Home Ice Was the Best Hockey Game for Canada Ever?

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I don’t need to blog about Canada’s 3-2 overtime win over the United States for Gold in Men’s Ice Hockey at the 2010 Olympics. Everybody is pretty much writing about it.

What I want to know is if you think this were the best hockey game ever for this country?

It had excitement with all the exciting plays, including two posts by Canada in regulation time.

It had anxiety with the Americans scoring in the final minute to tie it and send it into overtime.

It was back and forth with the rushes and scoring.

It was great to watch with the quality play, hits and saves.

It was epic with everything on the line, and avenged a loss a week ago that just deflated our country. The rally was also phenomenal. The pressure unbelievable.

It was decided spectacularly in sudden death overtime, with my fellow 22 year old Nova Scotian sensation Sidney Crosby coming through like you knew he would. Eight periods of no scoring but he came through when it most counted with the literal Golden Goal in sudden death overtime. There was nobody more suited or symbolic to score that goal! (See CTV video of Sidney’s winning goal)


That’s what legends are made of!!!

Step aside, Paul Henderson!!!

Finally, it was on home soil, and best of all, there was arguably the ultimate prize at stake in the Olympic Gold Medal against an arch enemy.

I never saw the 1972 Summit Series, but there was no medal at stake, although a cultural moment. However, in today’s media frenzy environment, losing this game would have never gone away with YouTube and blogs leaving so much content we Canadians would never be able to avoid.

The 1987 Canada Cup with Gretzky and Lemieux was definitely spectacular, being the only tournament at the time which really featured professional players against professional players. However, as representative as those events were at the time, they weren’t the Olympics. It kept the focus all on hockey, sure, but there’s something special about the Olympics and the whole nation going for every sport. Don’t forget, Canada has the most gold medals in any single Olympics game now with that 14th gold medal from men’s ice hockey.

We did beat the US in 2002 for Olympic Gold on their ice to win our first hockey gold in 50 years, of course, but that was their home ice. It was also not nearly as close in a 5-2 victory, and no sudden death. As sweet as that was, though, given the wait and location, I think it’s different on our home ice, in front of our fans. We get to celebrate our own on home ice and we get to sing our national anthem afterward as a nation united.

All in all, every past historic victory lacked something this one did. It wasn’t a big thing in each case, but I never said this was the best win ever by a long shot. Just the biggest win in the legendary history of ice hockey in this nation.

But do you agree? I’d love it if you took a moment to cast a vote below or leave a comment. Thank you.

Congrats to the US for having a great tournament, especially goalie Ryan Miller. Thanks to Jarome Iginla for the hard work on the boards to get the feed to Sidney.


See CTV’s video for the gold medal presentation to team Canada.



Jon Montgomery Wins Skeleton Olympic Gold for Canada!

Jon Montgomery

Jon Montgomery of Russell, Manitoba took home gold for Canada in the Men’s Skeleton at the Olympics in a stunning come back victory! He edged out Martin Dukurs of Latvia by a mere 7 hundredths of a second, but trailed by 51 hundredths of a second coming in. Jon’s final time was 3:29.73, the sum of his four runs, and Martin’s time was 3:29.80.

Jon was in 2nd place after 3 runs of the skeleton when he threw off a near perfect fourth run that was not matched by Martin Dukurs from Latvia on his respective fourth run. Dukurs had two tiny slips in the final Thunderbird stretch of the track and that was where Dukurs lost the first place he had coming in.

Alexander Tretyakov from Russia finished third.

Of course, what made the whole thing exciting was that the fastest skeleton-er (what do you call those guys?) went last, so it came down to the last skeletoner. That’s what I’m going to call them! Jon was second last and brought his game. Martin did, too, to be honest, but it just wasn’t good enough tonight in a great battle right to the last hundredth of a second in a thrilling finish!

By the way, that little patch of gold on Jon’s helmet barely visible in the picture, is part of the symbol of a turtle. That’s the fastest turtle the world might have ever seen!

Congratulations, Jon, and O CANADA!

A note of condolence to Melissa Hollingsworth of Canada, though, in the women’s skeleton. She was in second place after three runs like Jon, but faltered to fall to fifth overall. She was a gold medal favourite. Failing would not only have been hard for her, but it would have been harder on Canadian soil at the Olympics given what was within her reach. Now it just got harder her counterpart stepped up to win gold with the same situation after three runs of four. Take good care of yourself, Melissa. We’re still all very proud of you!


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Alexandre Bilodeau Wins First Canadian Olympic Gold at Home!

Alexandre Bilodeau (picture is in correct orientation)

And the winner is…

Alexandre Bilodeau!

Over 500 athletes have competed for Canada in the Olympics at home, and the first to take home a gold medal on home soil is Alexandre Bilodeau!

The Rosemère, Québec, native, won the gold medal in the men’s moguls at the Vancouver Olympics. This was sweet redemption after Jennifer Heil narrowly missed gold by the smallest of margins at the women’s freestyle moguls last night (Feb 13). 13 did not seem to be lucky for her.

With Bilodeau’s victory, Canada can finally breathe a huge sigh of relief to get that huge monkey off our backs! For the rest of the athletes, that pressure is also now off of them to win the first Canadian gold on home soil. Now things will return to normal without that additional pressure as there will be a gold rush coming. We tend to get our fair share of gold medals at the winter Olympics.

Bilodeau’s gold, though, will be one for the ages given we’ve waited ages for it.

Dale Begg-Smith of Australia took the silver Sunday.

Bryon Wilson of the United States claimed the bronze.