Definition: Pleonasm

Now, this word, pleonasm, LOTS of people could find uses for in this day and age… and forever, likely! Love it!

Oddly, the word got a mention in the Freakonomics podcast, but it was never defined, or really used! It’s an excellent episode, nevertheless!

Definition: Parkinson’s Law (for meetings)

Parkinson’s Law (for meetings)

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.


In other words, if you allot an hour for a half hour meeting, there’s a good chance it will take an hour. That’s not a “law” scientifically, but research has shown this to be true more times than not.


From this excellent podcast on how to have better meetings.

Definition: Generous Authority (and Imperious Authority)

Generous Authority

The behaviour demonstrated by a meeting host that:

  1. Connect people to each other and the purpose of the meeting
  2. Protect people from each other
  3. Temporarily equalizes people in the meeting


Makes pretty good sense if you’ve been in enough meetings to see the range of behaviours people exhibit in them!


Imperious authority is the opposite of generous authority. From this excellent Freakonomics podcast on how to have better meetings.