Why is My Blog Attracting Bot Blog Followers?

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/We’re barely a third of the way through 2021. Yet, my blog has already attracted double its average annual number of followers. There may be some reasons for this. For example, I’m blogging regularly this year. I am also sticking to a theme (writing) rather than random content of things I think certain groups of people might find useful. However, all that random past stuff are what gets my blog the most traffic, not my writing posts. The writing posts barely read by the followers, which is fine. I’m mentioning them to make my point that the vast majority of my blog’s most recent followers aren’t human! Rather, they’re like bots, or templated blogs using the same profile pictures, some cultural variations on a name like all French, and a handful of posts each in a layout! What is up with this, WordPress? This isn’t Instagram!

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