Bad Christmas (parody lyrics for White Christmas)

These are parody or spoof lyrics for the well-known Christmas carol, White Christmas. The classic version of this is by Bing Crosby with Marjorie Reynolds from the movie Holiday Inn in 1942. The video is shown below, from which you can learn the parody lyrics below that. Just imagine the two of them dressed like gangstas or something singing the lyrics below, heheheh!

My other Christmas carol parody lyrics:

I’m dreaming of a bad Christmas

Just like the ones I used to know

Smoking marijuana

Beating up Santa

Peeing my name in the snow


I’m dreaming of a bad Christmas

With every Christmas gift I steal

Leaving young, and old folks, quite sad

Making all, their Christmases quite bad


(repeat verse with your partner in crime, then add the line below)

I make all your Christmases quite bad!

Have Yourself a Bummer of a Christmas (parody lyrics for Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas)

The lyrics below the video are parody or spoof lyrics to the carol Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. The video demonstrates the carol, if you are not familiar with it or need a refreshment or check details of the tune. It is a beautiful version by John Denver and Rowlf the Dog of the Muppets, from 1979. Credits to my friend Lorie for introducing me to this video and album.

I’ve always thought the melody of this song to be a tad wistful, even if I can totally see its appropriateness for a pensive and reflective carol that the original is. John and Rowlf did an exceptional job of that. But because of its wistfulness in tune, that was where I got the idea for these parody lyrics.

My other Christmas carol parody lyrics:

Have yourself a bummer of a Christmas

Hope you get no-thing

But the blues, loneliness and bills from shopping


Have yourself a bummer of a Christmas

May your tree burn down

With your house, and everything else around


Leaving you, homeless in the streets

Nothing on your feet, and cold

With no friend, who is near to you

Who is dear to you, to hold


Through the years, this always seems to happen

Every Christmas Day

So go on, go burn down other people’s homes

You’ll have friends on, that bummer of a Christmas Day