Customizable Daily Activities Tracker on Google Sheets

I recently created a daily activities tracker on Google Sheets for myself, to track my activities I want to do more or less of, as well as balance some relating to my many interests. Anything I make for myself digitally, I take the time to create a version others can customize to use for themselves, and this is no different.

Customizable Daily Activities Tracker on Google Sheets

With the Google Sheets document in the link, if you’d like to use it, you should make a copy for yourself before using. On the Android platform, that’s under the Share and Export choice in the main menu for managing the document. I’m not sure where it is for iPhones.

I’m not an expert in Google Sheets so I’m not sure if you can use this document via the Google Sheets app, without a Gmail account. Perhaps someone can tell me. However, you can use the document offline so you don’t need data to always use it.

Setup and usage instructions are in the document in the Setup & Instructions tab.

The tracker will ask you when you want to start tracking, so this isn’t a “New Year’s” document that will become useless if you find it too late. The tracker will track how often you do some things (on % of days) and/or how much you do it (average amount or frequency), with the latter pending on how you set up things. It’s all explained in the document.

There is a summary report page you can then screen capture to file, or share.

If you use it, please let me know if you have questions or suggestions. I may not be the greatest tech support, but I hope I’ve designed well enough I don’t have to be. 🙂

Happy New Decade!

What to Do on Square Root Day for Fun

This is a bit late for today as I only recently found out about it, but perhaps you can apply it on May 5th, 2025.

Square Root Day is when the date, month and last two digits of the year can be written as a multiplication equation for a square number. Today, April 4th, 2016, is one such example with 4 x 4 = 16. The next one is May 5th, 2015 as said, and there are only 9 Square Root Days to a century.

Some people, like Scientific American, doesn’t think there’s much fun that can be had like Pi Day. Well, it depends on how you do it, and if you’ve got the personality for it. Here are some ideas for what to do for fun on Square Root Day:

  • Act square (let’s see you do something that fun with a pie!)
  • Get a root canal while acting square (OK, not so fun)
  • Square off over the root cause of something (this can be very fun and intellectual)
  • Square off over the root cause of something, with drawing squares for guns
  • Root for some thing or somebody square
  • Eat square stuff
  • Eat from square plates or bowls, or drink any concoction from square glasses
  • Make a square pie and eat that!
  • Post a square photo on Instagram

If you see this and it’s still Square Root Day, get out and do something and have some fun!

Happy Square Root Day!

What will the 2010 Winter Olympics Inspire YOU to Do?

The Olympics is a rich source of inspiration. It is somewhat regrettable it only comes once every four years, although the stagger to make it every two years definitely helps.

So, with the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics now over, what will it inspire you to do?

Or what did it inspire you to do if you’ve already started something by the time you read this?

I’m going to take up a new winter sport next year. I don’t know what it will be yet. I’ll try a few and decide.

Maybe I’ll curl more avidly than just a game a year.

Maybe for the 2011 Canada Games in Halifax, they will have a long track for me to try out long track speed skating.

I’m sure cross-country skiing could benefit me. I’m just not much of a cold weather guy, even though I do my marathon training outdoors during winter. I didn’t say I liked it, though.

Maybe I’ll finally learn to skate backwards or stop like a hockey player. I can only do wicked corners right now so maybe short track speed skating.

I’m not going to dream big, because I know the most difficult part in any long journey is taking the first step. I’ve done that for 27 marathons now, along with many more less literal journeys. It’s time for another journey.

Any suggestions for a 5′ 2″ 108 lbs. guy with strong legs, lots of endurance and coordination?

I’ll take summer sport suggestions, too! 🙂

Also any suggestions for Olympics withdrawal?

Where’s a good rehab place?

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