A Great Proverb Needs No Explanation

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/my-quotes/What makes a great proverb? For me, it should need no explanation for what it means. Yet, it should allow lots of discussion, expounding, thought, and contemplation if one wished to engage with it. There should be a lack of exception to its message, or a very limited number of exceptions, at most. It should be short, easy to say, and easy to remember. Basically, universal, deep, short, sweet.

I don’t consider my quotes to be proverbs, so I felt free to write notes about them. However, in picking out the ones for which I wrote notes, I picked out ones that I did not think needed explanations. I probably still explained some, or felt like I did, but I hope that should you only had time to read the quotes, you would still walk away with plenty of understanding and much to contemplate. You can find all the quotes either on all left hand pages of large print, or in the Table of Contents at centre that symbolically answered the quote for which it was notes, Ask why not? as often as you ask why? along with 29 other quotes included on the last page.

As for my notes, they included a variety of content. There were questions for you on the matters related to the quote so the book would be more engaging, literally, than just information being shared to you. I had plenty of other quotes I had written from which to choose to make a book of the same length without all the time and effort to write and edit the 70 short essays here! I thought that would have made for a terribly boring book, so I wrote these essays instead. Finally, there are a few quote creation myths and other related stories for entertainment, which I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for reading!


This post is one of 70 quotes I wrote, each with an accompanying essay, in my e-book and paperback Stars I Put in my Sky to Live By, on Amazon or Smashwords (choose your price including free!).

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