Everything Done Now Will Mean More Later

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/my-quotes/What seemingly meaningless things have you done in life that have meant more later? How many such seemingly meaningless things have you done that have meant more later can you count?

It’s rare when life’s feedback loop is fast, like for a golf swing, where you can tell almost immediately how well or poorly it was done and assess the impact. Rarer is when we have all the context to determine the full impact of anything we did in the moment. A really good or bad golf swing, in context of thousands more you may make in life, may have a very different meaning when assessed later in life than soon after the swing. Was someone impressed or disappointed by it to judge you on something with bigger consequences? Did you recall it to hit a swing with more impact later in your life? Now, golf swings are generally trivial, but if they could have the potential shown, then why not everything else trivial, and not, you have done?

Some actions we take will ultimately mean more than we think they do now, while some less, upon reflection later. However, it is easy to formulate a narrative where one thing led to another, for anything in anybody’s life, such that every action could be the start or a point in a chain of events that led to something more meaningful, and very meaningful overall. As random as life may be, the fact that things happen sequentially means you can chain them all together. How they connect is your choice, but because you can connect them, no action you take will be far from something really meaningful in your life. That’s why everything done now will mean more later, even your last act, where symbolism will make it mean more later.


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