Fame Will Make Everything About A Person More Interesting

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/my-quotes/Think of some famous people you know, and some things recently publicized about them in the news. Would people care as nearly much if it were you instead of those famous people in those stories? I’m assuming you’re not famous in asking that, not anticipating many commoners would ever be reading this book, never mind celebrities.

Fame will get you a lot of things, including more scrutiny about you and your life as people try to get to know more about you, to understand you better, and/or to do things involving you that may or may not be good for you. Everything you do, and everything you have done which may become known, will become more interesting after you become famous because it now has meaning to far more people than ever before. Somebody is bound to be hurt, inspired, or otherwise by it all. Never has this been truer than in recent decades, with social media and the Internet keeping online records many people’s digital activities, sometimes without their knowledge. All facts about and actions by famous people, facts and actions no one might have cared for if we had done it, may come back to hurt or enhance their reputations. Things and events in their past all but forgotten, or were never of any relevance, are suddenly magnified to interrupt, maybe even disrupt, their lives, in positive and/or negative ways. With social media and internet use becoming more common with time, this magnification fame puts on everyone famous will only increase. Take what you will from my message then, whether cautionary or opportunistic in procuring your current reputation, or one to which you aspire – fame will make everything about a person more interesting.


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