Being Trendy Is About Being Able To Follow, Which Explains Its Mass Appeal is being trendy except to be able to do or have the latest whatever that the masses desired? To be able do or have what many already do, even if still a small portion of a big population, that is required for something to become trendy? Sure, you do need some wealth to purchase some things, some time devoted to stay up to date on the latest trends, and maybe a little practice where you have to learn to do something, but really, you’re just following to do or get things that many others already have. You’re not even among the first few at it, just the first few percentiles of some population, at best. So why all the rage to be trendy?

Being trendy can convey a false sense of being avant-garde, since a trendy person is often seen as being among the first to have and/or do something. Truth is, though, they are not among the first, only maybe in the first wave, if not second or third. That’s how far behind being trendy really is! But because being trendy only requires people to follow, with perception for being avant-garde without having to take risks of ridicule and/or rejection that come with being so, it is no surprise that it is so desirable to be trendy. How many better deals will you find in life?

There’s no shortage of followers of everything in the world, with relatively few leaders. For all these followers to be perceived as leaders in some way via being trendy, with relatively minimal work, risks and other qualities compared to what it takes to be a true leader, no wonder so many try to be trendy. That applies down to the ones who are so behind in waves of people adopting trends that they can no longer be considered trendy statistically.


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