May All Your Travels Be Life Changing

What do you expect from your travels? Fun? Relaxation? Discoveries? New experiences? Perhaps something life changing, no matter how small? Is there any consistency?

A realistically realizable expectation of travel is that it can be life changing in positive ways. This is often through new perspectives and/or experiences gained that lead you to make changes in your life, rather than an impact from something where you are just a beneficiary without any engagement on your part. Fortunately, travel doesn’t have to involve exotic destinations and/or experiences for life changing opportunities to come from it. The experience can be as simple as having a little time to yourself in a secluded place to appreciate  life, possibly reevaluate it, in a different setting than where you might normally do it to help you be in a different mindset when doing so.

For the very realistically realizable, yet monumentally aspirational, life changing potential of travel, I came up with this simple wish for travelers – may all your travels be life changing. In practical application, for when I wish people well on a specific upcoming trip rather than their general travels, I take out the all. For when I meet people who tell me they travel a lot, I would use the full universal version as stated, to wish them the best in their travels, in the best way I can think of.


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