Don’t Just Prove Something, Prove It Emphatically! you ever proved something nonchalantly, like it was just some routine thing to be done? If so, how did that compare to when you proved something with emphasis?

I have never proven something nonchalantly, even for things I wasn’t keen on proving that were required of me. Mind you, I’m also good to determine what I care and don’t care to prove so I’m not some easily baitable, out of control egomaniac who has to prove everything to myself  and everybody else. However, when I commit to proving something, I always motivate myself more by imagining how I would make a statement to prove it emphatically. Without a nonchalantly proving experience to which for me to compare, I can’t truly say how proving something emphatically actually compared. What I can assure you is the vast difference between my visualizations of outcomes for nonchalantly proving something, which I must first define as context to decide how to add emphasis, and real life experiences of proving them emphatically. The latter is much more satisfying and emotionally intense, whether quaintly like just being funner, or seriously like with a touch of vitriol for spice, to me as much as to anyone else. That’s because in proving things to myself emphatically, there were parts of me I didn’t like, so I ensure I make  statements to it, often as strong as statements to others as I have an almost sadistic amount of emotional tolerance from knowing the outcomes will me in such better states. So regardless of what or who is involved, any time I need or want to prove something, I always remind myself – don’t just prove something, prove it emphatically!


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