Surround Yourself with Those who Inspire and Achieve, and You, Too, will Inspire and Achieve you surrounded by people who inspire and achieve in any of your circles of people today, or have you been in the past? In those instances, did you inspire and achieve? If not, were you surrounded by those people for long?

It’s only a belief, to surround yourself with people who inspire and achieve, and you, too, will inspire and achieve. There may be scientific evidence to prove or disprove my belief, but I don’t care to know. The nice thing about some positive life philosophies is that you can leave it at belief. There is a lot of scientific evidence about how those with whom we surround ourselves are a reflection of us, and/or the contagion of the human spirit to catch the prevailing attitudes, mood, and nature of those around us, if only by our natural nature to mimic others around us. That much I know. I just don’t know if it could be interpreted to demonstrate at the level of specificity of my belief here.

From my life experiences, I can definitely vouch for two things related to my belief here. First is every time I have been among people who inspired and achieved over some decent amount of time, I have always been inspired more, then achieved more, then inspired others more before being inspired more, in a rousing circle. Second, among groups who inspired and achieved, you wouldn’t last long if you didn’t at least try to inspire and achieve. Your disharmony with the synergy of such a group would not let you stay long, whether you would get left behind or you couldn’t keep up. That doesn’t mean my belief isn’t true, though. Surrounding yourself with people who inspire and achieve isn’t a passive thing that just happens or that you just do. You have to keep at it to sustain it.


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