Fashion Designer Spotlight: Alexander McQueen (and Sarah Burton)

Alexander McQueenFor January, I’m choosing to focus on some works I’ve seen a lot of lately, which is that of Alexander McQueen. However, much to my shock, in gathering profile material for this post, I found out he’s been deceased for almost 3 years (Feb 11 2010). Hey, I never said I was a fashionista up to date on all the news! I just look at some of the fashion where I find it and learn from it. Anyway, I’ve been seeing a lot of Alexander McQueen’s work done by Sarah Burton, who had taken the reins of the Alexander McQueen line. That does not mean this post has been wrongly attributed, though. A lot of what I saw of Alexander McQueen’s work which appealed to me go back before his death. There’s just also been a lot of it after his death as well.

I’m not sure there’s a quick way to look at fashion created just by Alexander McQueen, and those who kept his company and line alive after his death. He was also with Givenchy and Gucci before having his own line, earning all kinds of fashion design accolades during his career. However, since I’m not just focusing on Alexander McQueen’s work, but rather all under his name, a good way to get a glimpse of what I like is to go through the many Pinterest boards on Alexander McQueen’s fashion or on his site. I’m not sure how much of his past work his own site carries, focusing on the latest collections for sales. However, the sheer number of boards dedicated to his line and/or work on Pinterest should give you an idea how well loved his work is and was!

There, you’ll see lots of colours and provacative cuts on common garments. He extends into accessories like shoes, in addition to clothing. Elegance and eye catching attractiveness are trademarks of his garments. Many of the garments are also very sharp looking as part of their attractiveness. Anyone can make a mess to gets some attention. Doing it with elegance and sharpness is where the talent really lie!

Currently, Lady Gaga and Kate Middleton are probably the two most well known clients of the Alexander McQueen line, though Lady Gaga and Prince Charles were his personal clients, at least. While British, Alexander had an international clientele, for both men’s and women’s fashion. From state figures like Mikhail Gorbachev to J-Pop queens like Ayumi HamasakiNamie Amuro, and Koda Kumi, and celebrities including  Nicole KidmanPenélope CruzSarah Jessica Parkerand Rihanna. It’s quite the clientele! Even the popular game World of Warcraft, with some incredibly lavish fashion, gave McQueen a tribute upon his death, an apparent suicide.

Now, as for Alexander McQueen’s life, personalities, eccentricities and such, you can read about it on Wikipedia. I’ll just stick to his fashion, which I love. Sarah Burton has done a superb job as creative director of his line since 2010, including getting Kate Middleton’s love for her work. I only wonder how long Sarah will be there before embarking on her own line as well. Then what will happen to McQueen’s? We’ll see. We’ll see.

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