Fashion Designer Spotlight: Georges Hobeika

Georges HobeikaAs my fashion knowledge grows from my time on Pinterest, I am seeing more fashion from more designers. I am definitely developing favouritism towards a bunch of them so I thought I’d share some in case people haven’t heard of them. I’m no fashionista so it’s not like these designers are “unknown”, but some are maybe not household names yet.

This month, I discovered the work of Georges Hobeika. He is from Beirut, from where Zuhair Murad originates. That’s interesting to me because the first designer spotlight I had blogged about belonged Zuhair Murad’s. What were the odds that the first two designers I liked enough to blog about were both from Beirut? Is there something about my tastes that is common to their style?

Hard to say. A look at some of George Hobeika’s work (here and here), shows a lot of simple colour schemes, with one or two colours in a dress. Dividing lines with two colours tend to be clean. Style is definitely elegant to go with the clean colours and sharp lines. No doubt, sexiness is in his style. Seems like what I said about Zuhair Murad’s work, though I probably just insulted both of them to say their designs were similar, even on a broad spectrum at a high level (i.e. vague). I see a lot more lace in Zuhair Murad’s, which I definitely thought was very sexy, but also more black, it “seems”. No, I haven’t taken statistical counts. 🙂

You can have a look at those two Pinterest links I provided to see what you might like, or not, about Georges’ work. If you want to see more, click here to see the various boards dedicated to the fashion of Georges Hobeika, or click here to see all the photos tagged with his name.

Oddly, as was with Zuhair Murad’s dresses on Pinterest, I wasn’t able to easily find my favourite designed by Georges Hobeika, either. As a result, I had to add it here to my own Pinterest dress board. Asymmetric, elegant, high contrast, simple colour schemes with black and white, creative cuts involving curves, sexy… pretty much all adjectives I would use to describe fashion I like, and just maybe hope to design one day! 🙂

One thing I did notice while researching more information about Georges Hobeika… the guy doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry! What’s with that? Someone get this guy a Wikipedia entry!


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