Dig You Later (Hubba Hubba Hubba)… Not with THOSE Lyrics!

Written in the Second World War for the movie Doll Face in 1945, this song is not on any Perry Como collection for its political incorrectness towards the Japanese, so I’ve seen comments. Yes, but whatever. Look at the context of it written in World War II. War is over so get over it and have a laugh at the way we used to be cause if someone wrote such a song today, there’d probably be a lot of backlash rather than laughter!

If you want to contrast war songs’ spectrum for emotions they can elicit, may I highly recommend White Cliffs of Dover at the end of this post. The version by Rosemary Clooney on her album For the Duration, is by far the best I’ve ever heard. But I can’t find it online anywhere that I can share.

Lyrics are below the video.

An actual delightful video of the scene from Doll Face when this song is sung can be found here. Embedding had been disabled by request so I could not embed it here.

It’s always fair weather, 
when hep cats get together! 
And every time they meet, 
here’s the way you’ll hear them greet ( greet! ) 
A hubba-hubba-hubba Hello Dad! 

Well a hubba-hubba-hubba, I just got back! 
Well a hubba-hubba-hubba, let’s shoot some breeze! 
Say, whatever happened to the Japanese? 
Hmm a hubba-hubba-hubba, haven’t you heard? 
A hubba-hubba-hubba, slip me the word! 

I got it from a guy who was in the kno’ 
It was mighty smoky over Tokyo! 
A friend of mine in a B-29 dropped another load for luck, 
As he flew away, he was heard to say: 
“A hubba-hubba-hubba yuk yuk!” 

Well I gotta go fishin’ 
That’s ok, we’ll give you our permission and we’ll say, 
A hubba-hubba-hubba, on your way! 
And I will dig you later in the USA! 
Ta dah dah dee dee dee ta dee dee, ta dah dah hi hi hi tee dee dee! 

A hubba-hubba-hubba, I just got in! 
A hubba-hubba-hubba, well give me some skin! 
Well you’re lookin’ mighty purdy Miss Curly Locks! 
I’m the Gravel Gertie of the bobby socks! 
Hmm yuttata yuttata yuttaton you talk big! 
Well I’m the fresh tomata you can’t dig! 
Let’s have a heart to heart’a and you’ll decide! 
I’m a chick what’s really on the solid side! 

You knock me flat, you’re the kind of a cat, 
makes me wanta blow my top: ” ‘till the end of time . . . ” ( Aaaaah! ) 

And if you feel that way, tell me what you say? 
A hubba-hubba-hubba muk muk! 

Well now you’re really talkin’, you’re no square! 
You can’t be from Weehawken . . . 
Hmm hmm Delaware! 

You got a line of jive that’s really zoo! 
Well I’ll dig you later, baby you’re all root! 

< instrumental break > 

You’re the kind of cat, wears a sharp cravat, 
and you really know your stuff! 

If you feel that way, tell me what you say? 
A hubba-hubba-hubba ruff ruff! 

A getta long a little mousy with the great big eyes, 
well if you’re lookin’ for a spousey, 
why you’re just my size! 

Mister how you love to blubber 
with that knock out squawk, 
Seems your lips are made of rubber 
every time you talk! 

Oh no, no, no, hubba-hubba! 

Yes, yes, yes, hubba-hubba! 

Bop, bop, bop, hubba-hubba! 
A what you kno’ ( A what you kno’ ) 
A what you say ( A what you say ) 
I say I’ll dig you later baby in the USA! 

Contrast Dig You Later with White Cliffs of Dover below. No comments on American vs British class, please. 🙂


One thought on “Dig You Later (Hubba Hubba Hubba)… Not with THOSE Lyrics!

  1. “War is over so get over it”? Wow that’s as insensitive as the lyrics in the song. The bombs decimated Hiroshima and Nagasaki and caused a generation of cancer and other illnesses. That’s why men keep going into war – because if it didn’t happen to them, they have that cavalier attitude – “get over it”.

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