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How to Buy Fabric by the Pound… Minh’s Approach

My approach as I went shopping for fabric by the pound today in LA.

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How Would You Gauge Buying Fabric by the Pound?

A question I had for the Atlantic Sewing Guild blog readers and/or members.

The NAM Dress Shirt

This was the first dress shirt design I ever had, which inspired me to learn to sew and create my current wardrobe. It was a highly symbolic design with a distinct look and I finally got all the factors right to make it, from fit to craftsmanship to final design (from draft) to the matching buttons which I found quite serendipitously in Manhattan.

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TREK Long Tennis Shorts

This Star Trek original series cotton pattern was probably made for pajamas, but they work well for tennis shorts… and some pretty interesting tennis shorts at that. :-)

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This dress shirt is meant to evoke calmness and stability with its hunter green, white and medium brown colour scheme inspired by trees of the evergreen forest. And like the evergreen trees, the buttons used has a little bit of wood on it.

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