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I’ve heard this statistic numerous time in some similar approximation ranging from about 70% to 80%, but it’s mind blowing to me no matter what end of that range one chooses. Even if the statistic were 50% of women were wearing the wrong bra size, I would have been shocked.

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I’m no health nut, but I do little things here and there to help my diet be better than it could be. One little thing I’ve recently done is to get my French fries without salt. I ask for it all the time, whether or not there is salt with the fries I get, just to be sure I get fries without salt.

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Lettuce is something people get with their sub sandwiches. It’s like the default veggie people ask for with their subs. It’s also the thing that gets put on first, and most, among the veggies asked for.

Lettuce also the least nutritious of all the vegetables, mostly being water inside generic plant cells with how pale the sub lettuce tends to be. It’s not much more than that even when it’s not so pale. It’s neither as colorful as the other vegetables that make them more nutritious, nor as tasty, I might add.

Thinking about this, I recently made a tiny, tiny life change on this matter.

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The NFL just suspended Tom Brady for 4 games over Deflategate! The Patriots will also lose a first-round pick in 2016, then a fourth-round pick in 2017, and they have been fined $1 million!

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So this #dadbod thing is supposedly a thing now. Less biceps, if any, beer belly.


Who’s behind this? The women supposedly attracted to #dadbod (and gay guys, too, to be fair) or all the fat guys spinning such bodies to be sexy cause they can’t bring themselves be anything better?

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