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I have started a toy focused Instagram account called Ode to Toy.

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In 2015, I entered all the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) literary prize contests as part of my effort to get writing back into my life. I didn’t win anything, but that’s OK. The competition was immense for both quality and quantity. This is my entry for the Short Story contest (link to winners), which is now over and I can share my entry. It’s my first ever science-fiction story. I hope you’ll enjoy it. :)

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Brady vs Manning XVII was a classic! In what might be their last duel, and possibly Peyton’s last game if the Broncos had lost, Tom Brady showed his class with a near end of the game tribute.

Trailing by 2 with 18 points on the board and 12 seconds to go in the game, the Patriots QB missed the 2 point conversion pass to seal the deal for the Broncos, leaving his and Manning’s numbers on the scoreboard for a few more minutes for all to see – 12 and 18.

Go Broncos! :)

I recently came across some fantastic information on origami (paper folding) like this mind blowing talk from Robert Lang.

In it, he talks about crease patterns, which are mostly square pieces of paper with all the creases required to make an origami drawn on to it. For example, this crease pattern

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I’ve never had an electric guitar.

Too bulky and noisy with amp. Too quiet without. A bit heavy, though very nice to minimize callouses and get cool sound effects.

Somewhat recent changes in technology and recent affordability in that technology will allow me to get Bluetooth capability with an electric guitar, for noise cancelling headphones and/or Bluetooth wireless mini-speaker with some decent volume.

As a result, I’ve resolved to go electric this year with my guitar playing, mostly for songwriting and playing music. I’m very far from a true guitarist!

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