The Best And Worst Stories We Each Know Are The Ones We Tell Ourselves’s the best thing you’ve ever convinced yourself of? What’s the worst thing you’ve ever justified to yourself? What are the best and worst stories you’ve told people? How do they all compare?

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Was Rio 2016 the WORST Olympic Games You’ve Ever Seen?

It was in my mind, which only goes back to Los Angeles 1984, but it wasn’t even close for me.

Sure, there were some nice and memorable moments. There has to be some at the Olympics. However, for how many I expect of an Olympics, there weren’t nearly enough.

And then there were all the overhanging clouds of the empty seats, drug bans, zika, booing, green unclean water, lack of economics, excess of politics and so on. And wait till you see the “legacy” these games will leave behind! That’s if they get through the Paralympics first. Sounds like they’re near bankrupt for it.

Anyway, in my limited memory of some 32 years, I declare these games the worst ever (that I’ve seen).

Would You Shop at Lululemon Given These Despicable Corporate Practices? Poll.

Lululemon is a pretty popular shop these days, I don’t need to tell anybody that. Whether or not you like them, tons of people are shopping lots at Lululemon. Most of them are women, and many of them young, including their young staff. These people are supposed to be sympathetic, social conscious and Internet savvy. Yet, they shop there despite Lululemon having about as despicable a corporate history as any company out there, one that puts what Nike used to be on a level of heaven with saints. Are Lululemon’s shoppers as hypocritical as they are?

Lululemon shoppers are almost like a cult, much like Apple’s shoppers. Lululemon’s are built on yoga and all those ways of inner peace, beauty, wellness relaxation, appreciation and all.  Yet, their ways are anything but that. Worse, they know it and flaunt it like it doesn’t matter. So far, it seems not to have, but can this go on?

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Which Nations Had the Best and Worst Uniforms for the Winter Olympics?

There were a lot of really nice and some pretty ugly uniforms seen during the 2010 Winter Olympic opening ceremonies. There are way too many countries to take a complete poll with a list of them. But I am curious what views thought were the best of worst uniforms?

Unfortunately, I don’t have an online guide to direct you to to review. You’ll just have to recall if you watched the ceremonies… unless someone can provide me a link?



My vote for best was Montenegro, with their bold red and yellow, with subtle designs within each colour and some black trim.

Romania gets second place with their red, gold and blue on white top, and chic black pants. Simple but bold. It’s hard to mix that many colours in elegantly, you know!

Poland was pretty nice with the red, silver and white and lots of details on the silver and white.

The flag bearer from Mongolia, who was very ornately and elegantly dressed, gets honourable mention. She was chosen to encourage more participation in sports by women, which is nice, but so long as they keep them in the image of traditional dress, the young girls and women there won’t have that “acceptable” vision of themselves in a track suit or athletic dress, just the traditional stuff they’re “supposed” to be in.

Special kudos to the Indian uniforms, which were provided by the local Indo-Canadian community in Vancouver when the team came with uniforms that did not match. Who missed that boat???



The United States gets my vote on this one. It looks like something you buy in a cheap store, dark blue with a few strips of red that don’t seem to have any strategic placing, and a giant USA on the back. It was also baggy like the inside lining of nicer ski jacket, which makes you look like the Pillsbury Doughboy in shape. And the slim fitting white pants to go, or rather contrast, with that? That uniform was most disappointing, even more so in light of the fact the United States has a lot of innovative fashion designers.

As a Canadian, I’d have to comment on Canada and it was OK. Not great, but not ugly, either. Typical apathetic Canadian reaction, I guess, eh?

Ugliest uniforms might have gone to the Germans, in my opinion, as it looked like an advertising board the likes of NASCAR advertising. But the brightness wasn’t bad.

The poor guy from Ghana didn’t look like he was wearing enough to be warm.

Your vote for the best and worst uniform, or any other considerations? Please do share in a comment.

p.s. Good thing they held that ceremony indoors cause it’d have been ugly outdoors with artificial snow melting in the warm weather. I think the biggest winner at this Olympics will be El Nino!


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