Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Bike in Bike 5x7 LR

This is my first WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme this week is Reflections, and I happen to have TWO such photos. Please click on photos to enlarge.

The first is of a motorbike reflected in the chrome engine of another motorbike. It was a bike framed within a part of a bike, if you will. This photo was taken on the Halifax Waterfront where many bikers congregate on many days during the years, even when it’s rather cold.

Windows3 Collage LR

The second photo has the steeple of St. Mary’s Basilica in Halifax, framed in a tall, church like glass window of a building next to it. In November, when the photo was taken, it was just cold enough that all the windows were closed to provide a full reflection, but not cold enough for there to be any frost to ruin the perfect reflection. I thought the counter-themed church seen in a window, rather than something seen in a church window, was a nice composition. I also had to get out in the middle of an intersection to get just the right angle to frame that steeple reflection in that window!

These two photos were among the first I ever took with a digital SLR camera, back on November 18, 2006. It was the second set of photos I took with a digital SLR. After a cross-country race where I first put that camera to use, I just got out to walk around downtown near where I lived to see what I could find to shoot. What I immediately realized with a camera was that I saw the world through a completely different lens doing photography, pun intended. I noticed things I never did before. I saw beauty in things and people I never saw before. And I saw it all at a much greater level, even in what I had noticed before.

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Watch Us Weekly’s New Video of Michael Jackson’s Hair Catching on Fire During 1984 Pepsi Video Commercial Shoot

US Weekly has just released never before seen footage of the 1984 accident where Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire during filming of a Pepsi commercial.

The story goes something like this, extracted from text in the video at bottom. I typed it out because you’ll probably want to be looking at what happened rather than reading the text. It is stunningly tragic!

On January 27 1984, Michael Jackson filmed a Pepsi commercial at LA’s Shrine Auditorium in front of 3,000 fans. On the first take, the pyrotechnics exploded as planned after Michael descended the stairs. The sixth take went horribly wrong. The explosion went off too early. Michael suffered second and third-degree burns on his face and scalp.

According to Michael, the recovery from this was what led him to be addicted to painkillers. You see, he had no idea his hair had caught on fire. He just went on with the script and danced with his brothers after descending the stairs while his hair burned and people suddenly jumped all over him to douse the fire. I’m sure he knew it then, but it was a little too late. Stuff in his hair would definitely have fueled the fire more aggressively.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

It has been argued by some that this event and Michael had to do to recover from it was the start of a lot of his troubles in life, and equally arguably to be the start of his downfall. I would buy some of that. Put that much heat near your brain for a while and see if that doesn’t damage any brain cells! Detractors of the connection just seem to have think it was burns to any other part of the body and had no influence on Michael’s state of mind afterward.

Whether there was any causality or not from the accident, Pepsi settled the suit for $1.5 million dollars with Michael. To his credit, he donated it all to the burn unit of the Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, CA (EW.com).

Michael Jackson was also prescribed to some painkillers during the surgery and recovery, which some sources also told US Weekly started his addictions to, both, painkillers and plastic surgery. If he were addicted to painkillers, and he got it from surgery, might additional surgery have also been a convenient excuse to fix a little imperfection as well as get a little more without raising any alarms?

Rest in peace, Michael.

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