Congratulations, America! And Beware of History, Tronald Dump!

Wow! Where did this wind just suddenly come from?

Wait, that’s no wind. That’s a win, and that’s the American people, and global citizens, reacting to the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris victory in the US election!

Congratulations, Joe, Kamala, and citizens of the world!!!

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Definition: Compassionate Truth Bomb

Compassionate Truth Bomb

A fact spoken in clear, easy to understand terms and without bias, with purpose, not just intent, to help somebody recognize something they are not.

  • Term from Lori Gottleib in podcast linked below, definition of “truth bomb” from Urban Dictionary, and explanation paraphrased from Lori’s talk below.


I’ll have to remember this term the next time I offer “tough love” advice, whether or not engaging in ultracrepidarianism lol (see November 2nd’s definition post for that).


Definition: Truth Default Theory (TDT)

Truth Default Theory (TDT)

Truth Default Theory is a communication theory which predicts and explains the use of veracity and deception detection in humans. This theory gets its name from its central idea which is the truth-default state. This idea suggests that people presume others to be honest because they either don’t think of deception as a possibility during communicating or because there is insufficient evidence lending them unable to prove they are being deceived.


For MUCH more information, and some stunning examples, check out this podcast episode of Revisionist History, called the Queen of Cuba.

Musical Performance Philosophy from the James Conlon “Encore” Series

James Conlon

James Conlon

There are few things that will shut me up as quickly as a classical pianist or conductor talking about the music or humanity of it. In the six episodes of the Encore! with James Conlon series created in 2005 from the Twelfth International Van Cliburn Piano Competition, Maestro James Conlon explores the relationship between the concert pianist’s internal world and the composer’s score with the finalists as his examples. The series premiered on PBS in October 2005 and also featured chamber performances with the Grammy Award-winning Takács Quartet. Eminent pianist and competition juror Menahem Pressler also had a prominent role. He had a beautiful clip talking about playing Beethoven piano sonatas to one of the younger competitors in the 2005 documentary of the competition, In the Heart of Music.

Below are clips from each of the six episodes of the Encore! series, which I will have to see in full one day! Encore! with James Conlon was directed by Andy Sommer and co-produced by Bel Air Media, the Van Cliburn Foundation, and KERA.

But that’s enough of me! I’m going to shut up and listen now! 🙂



Episode 1: Apollo or Dionyssus (with Davide Cabassi)


Episode 2: Plato or Aristotle (with Alexander Kobrin)


Episode 3: Being It or Playing It (with Joyce Yang)


Episode 4: Truth or Beauty (with Chu-Fang Huang)


Episode 5: Technique or Spirit (with Roberto Plano, pianist)


Episode 6: Tradition or Innovation (with Sa Chen)