Definition: Prostyle, Forecourt, Tower Tomb, Loculus, Distaff, Closing Stone

Palmyra and tombs today…


Tower tomb

Towers used as kinship grouping tombs in Palmyra, often occupying high ground


Loculus (plural loculi)

An architectural compartment or niche that houses a body in a place of entombment, but in botany, each of a number of small separate cavities, especially in an ovary



A stick or spindle onto which wool or flax is wound for spinning


Definition: Tholos, Dromos, Shaft Grave / Tomb

I love cool sounding words from ancient times! You could write sci-fi with tholos and dromos for futuristic tech and nobody would know any better that those terms didn’t belong in those times, to possibly aliens! But these words belong to humans who are part of our human history.