Simple Solutions Can Be as Good as High Tech Solutions

We look to technology, particularly high tech, for a lot of solutions these days. However, there are a lot of great “low tech” or simple solutions out there that we shouldn’t neglect scanning those opportunities for solutions, either. Same goes for simpler tech rather than more complicated and expensive tech.¬† This podcast gives some excellent examples.

The Easiest Fresh Banana Bread Ever

Seriously, give it a try before you laugh at it. A banana sandwich is the freshest banana bread you can make, and the easiest, too!

But if you were worried about being mocked for such crude cuisine, try the deluxe craftsman version below. ūüėČ

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The Better, Possibly Best, Way to Transfer Darts on to Fabric

I was doing some custom flare darts tonight on some tricky fabrics that was slippery and smudged chalk well, when I got fed up with the methods I was taught. So what did I do? I thought about how I could do it in a better way and here was what I came up with. I’m not saying this is new or unique. I just haven’t seen it or taught it, and I came up with it all on my own. Works like a charm, I’m happy to report! Why didn’t anybody ever teach or told me about this??? This is the way it SHOULD be done, not to sound arrogant or anything! It is just that much better!

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Quinoa on Jam Toasts, Anyone?

When I was first introduced to quinoa¬†(KIN-wa), I thought of it as a staple like pasta, rice and bread, which I would have to eat less of the others to integrate the quinoa. That was OK, except I’d be limited on quinoa recipes and would often have to eat something else because quinoa is not that filling to me. I’d also be losing out on my carbs I need a lot of for my marathon training. Finally, because I wouldn’t eat quinoa every day, with it as my main source of complete protein¬†and significant source of iron, it’d be a bit like getting protein spikes in my diet every couple of days.

Just a month later, I am finding quinoa to be among the most versatile food I eat so I can get a more constant supply of it and the very complete protein profile it carries. I do use the quinoa as a staple for dishes like quinoa salads, but I am more frequently using it with the staples to leave me fuller, get my protein most days and have my carbs for marathon training. I shared my pasta with quinoa instead of ground meat recipe the other day. Today comes quinoa with jam toasts.

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A Few Simple and Potent Quinoa Salad Recipes

About a month ago, I was introduced to quinoa¬†(KIN-wa) by some organic farming friends at Whippletree farm. Since then, I have integrated quinoa into my diet and thought I’d share a few recipes here, with more to come.

Quinoa is a South American grain of which you primarily eat the seeds. If you’ve never heard of it, or not sure what to make of it, NASA has declared it¬†virtually unrivaled in the plant or animal kingdom for its life-sustaining nutrients and with an exceptional balance of amino acids (NY Times, Mar 19 2011). That is by far¬†the best¬†endorsement I have ever heard about any food, and it also tastes far better than my other staples of pasta and rice! No hype here, folks! This is the¬†real deal!

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